agreedminute sent: in November i went to a Petsmart to pick up some water conditioner and saw a pair of red cap oranda's in a tiny tank with dead fish in it, i hadn't intended on buying any fish but i thought it cruel to leave them there so i set them up in a 20 gallon tank at home. when i got them they were both missing scales but it's been 6 months and not all the scales are back yet? what am i doing wrong? ;__;

When scales grow back on a metallic (shiny) fish they often grow back clear, or Matte. So look carefully! They might have grown back but are clear and harder to see. If they really haven’t grown back external parasites can sometimes cause scale loss, and they should be treated with a full round of praziquantel. However 20 gallons is too small for two fish, and ideally they should have a minimum of 40 gallons. Here is a post with the instructions for treating for external parasites. If you have any more questions feel free to fill out a sick fish form and submit it to my fish blog :)